Bayut Introduces Checked and TruCheck™ Badges to Enhance Transparency and Trust in Property Listings

31 July 2023 / Dubai

Bayut Introduces Checked and TruCheck™ Badges to Enhance Transparency and Trust in Property Listings

Bayut, a leading real estate platform in the UAE, is dedicated to improving the user experience and transparency in the industry. To achieve this, they have launched the TruCheck™ and Checked badges on BayutPro, their comprehensive lead management solution for real estate professionals. These badges aim to simplify the property search process and provide greater transparency for property seekers.

TruCheck™ is an advanced authentication solution available exclusively on BayutPro. It addresses a common challenge faced by property seekers – verifying the availability and validity of a listing. With TruCheck™, real estate agents in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can easily validate their property listings on Bayut, building trust with users and increasing the visibility of their listings. Listings with the Checked and TruCheck™ badges receive higher rankings on Bayut, generating high-quality leads.

The TruCheck™ badge on a listing is valid for a limited time period, indicating that the property details are authentic and up to date. Users can view the time-stamp on the badge to determine the recent authentication of the property in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, eliminating the need to contact the agent for availability.

To obtain the Checked badge, brokers must complete Bayut's validation form and submit required documents, including the Title Deed, Owner's Passport Copy, and Emirates ID. Once the documents are verified by Bayut's quality assurance teams, the Checked badge is applied to the listing. Agents then proceed to the second phase of obtaining the TruCheck™ badge.

To earn the TruCheck™ badge, agents must physically visit the property and use the BayutPro app to capture and upload relevant pictures. Agents need to be within 500 meters of the property to access the app's camera. For apartments, a photo should be taken outside the flat with the front door open and the apartment number clearly visible. For villas, the picture must be taken while standing inside the property. Once the uploaded pictures are validated by Bayut, the listing receives the TruCheck™ badge.

The Checked badge is assigned when the necessary property documents are uploaded and authenticated by Bayut's quality assurance teams. The TruCheck™ badge is assigned only after the agent has visited the property and uploaded the relevant pictures, confirming that the property is still available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In addition to the TruCheck™ feature, BayutPro offers other features like SmartLeads™ and Agent Reviews, benefiting real estate agents registered with Bayut.

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