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The Dubai real estate market is booming which means there are a lot of eager buyers. On the other hand, there are plenty of sellers looking to make the same great deals as you. The trick is finding the right buyer to sell your property for its maximum value. That’s where we can help!

At Arabian Estates, we can get your property in front of thousands of potential buyers by listing the property on our active and trusted site. You’ll start getting offers within just a few days! It’s the best way to sell property in Dubai.

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So you have finally decided to sell a house in Dubai after finding out how beneficial owning a property in Dubai can be.

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A freehold property is one that has no hold other than that of the owner. In other words, the person who owns the property maintains ownership outright without any exceptions. This is an important concept in real estate as it can differentiate between full ownership of a property and leasehold, which is another form of legal ownership. Freehold property is indefinite, and the status can be handed down or sold along with the property. When buying a property in Dubai, it's crucial to make sure you know whether you want a freehold property or not because it impacts what you can do with the property. Working with an experienced Dubai real estate agent can make the process easier.

In the real estate market of Dubai, one of the most common questions that sellers ask is how long it would take to transfer a property. You'll be happy to hear that the real estate selling process in Dubai is actually quite efficient and quick. In fact, the turnaround time to transfer property is usually just one to four weeks after you and the buyer agree on a price. Plus, this is mainly just waiting around for paperwork completion, and sign-offs from relevant government bodies. Working with an experienced real estate broker can make sure the selling process is as smooth as possible.

The Dubai real estate market has been growing significantly with a booming influx of new people from around the world. This makes it an excellent opportunity for property owners to sell their properties to people eager to call Dubai their home. It's challenging to time the market perfectly, but there are other factors to consider too. You should only sell your property in Dubai if you're ready to move out or if you have another property to move into. When you do decide to sell, make sure you hold out for the right buyer to ensure you're getting the best deal for your property.

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