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There are a million different reasons to live in Dubai. From the year-round warm weather and the unbeatable coastline to the delicious cuisine and the exciting nightlife, there’s something for everyone. That also means a decent amount of competition for renting in the UAE.

At Arabian Estates, we specialise in helping clients find properties to rent in Dubai that meet their needs. Browse through our extensive list of Dubai rentals to see what fits your needs.

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So you have finally decided to rent a house in Dubai after finding out how beneficial owning a property in Dubai can be.

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Ejari, which means "my rent" in Arabic, is a crucial system to the city's real estate market designed to protect tenants and landlords. It's a highly regulated system that ensures the rental market is fair, standardized, and smooth. Rental contracts are only legitimate and recognized when including the Ejari. As the renter, you don't have to worry about the submission, as it's the landlord's duty to submit everything to Ejari. This database of contracts, renters, landlords, prices, and rental properties gives the government greater insight and control over the real estate market.

Rents in Dubai have been increasing over the past few years due to the city's massive real estate boom. At the same time, the number of properties has also significantly increased, giving renters a greater selection. The sheer number of rental properties in Dubai up for grabs will give you a dynamic range of prices from which you can choose a point that matches your budget and needs. Plus, Dubai renters will be able to find a property type that meets their living requirements. You can easily search for properties that match your specific price criteria at Arabian Estates by using our advanced filter features.

A security deposit is an insurance of sorts that landlords charge renters just in case the property is damaged. In the event of damage caused by the tenant, the landlord will use the security deposit to cover the costs. If no such event ever occurs, the renter will receive the security deposit back upon leaving the apartment. It's perfectly common for landlords in Dubai to require security deposits from renters, and you shouldn't see it as a deal breaker. You'll end up getting the money back as long as you treat the apartment well.

A freehold property confers complete ownership with full control over the property and the land it's on. Alternatively, a leasehold property means the owner only has control over the property for a limited period of time. When the lease period terminates, the property reverts back to the owner. A leasehold property comes with many restrictions based on the owner's terms, but these properties also can save people money in the long run if they're not looking to purchase a property outright.

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