Calculate a budget

The first step you should take as a tenant is setting a rental budget. This includes both the highest and lowest price you're willing to pay. If you don't set a budget beforehand, you run the risk of falling in love with a property only to realize you can't afford it. You can save a lot of hassle and headaches by carefully calculating what you can afford to pay. Don't forget to account for the fees that come with purchasing a property. Once you have a budget range, you can start searching for properties in that price bracket.


Choose essential features

The real estate market in Dubai is vast which means you have no shortage of rental options. At first, the sheer number of choices might seem like it makes the search process easier. However, you'll quickly realize finding the right property is challenging without a guide. That's why you should jot down a list of must-have features for your Dubai rental property. Choose the type of property you're looking for such as an apartment, home, or condo, and identify key features of the place including amenities, size, location, and more. These features will make it easier to narrow down your search for the best options. The Arabian Estates platform has advanced filtration features where you can simply mark what you're looking for in a property and browse through fitting options.


Work with a reputable real estate expert

The UAE real estate market is challenging to navigate, especially for foreigners. One of the best assets you'll have when hunting for the best rental property is an experienced real estate agent or broker. These professionals are familiar with the ins and outs of the Dubai real estate market. They'll help you navigate the whole process of searching for and renting a property.


Search for properties

When you’re equipped with a budget, a list of essential features, and a committed real estate expert, you’re ready to begin the search. Using a dedicated real estate site such as Arabian Estates makes the whole process much easier. There are thousands and thousands of rental listings from reputable property owners at reasonable rates. With advanced filter options, you can quickly narrow down options to see perfectly matched results.


Make an offer

When you find a property that matches your needs and preferences, it's time to make an offer. Although rental offers are a little more straightforward than buying or selling property, the process still takes some time. It's common for there to be some back and forth between the potential tenant and property owner. The negotiations will be handled through your broker. Feel free to make an offer slightly below what the landlord is asking because the listed prices are usually higher than what they expect to receive. Once you make an offer, you'll usually receive a counteroffer from the landlord. You can make a further counter or simply accept the offer. Just make sure you only take a deal that matches your budget. There are plenty of properties in Dubai, so it's not a big deal if the first rental contract doesn't pan out.


Sign the contract

When you and the landlord have agreed on a price, the paperwork begins. You'll need to gather a variety of documents some required by the government and others requested by the landlord. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to gather these documents and make enough copies to keep some on file. You might have to translate some documents into the local language if the original ones are in a foreign language. Your broker should be able to guide you through the complexities and fine print of the paperwork. Again, make sure you read the contract thoroughly before signing. Don't feel obligated to sign just because your offer was accepted. Ask questions whenever you're unsure about something and speak up when something doesn't match your needs or budget.


Complete the Ejari Registration

You've finally completed all the paperwork between you and the landlord. Now, it's time to register the rental agreement with the government in Dubai. This registration is known as "Ejari" which translates literally to "you rent" in the Arabic dialect. This is where having a local broker comes in handy. You can rely on them to guide you through the process, how to get the paperwork, what to fill out, and where to submit it. The processing shouldn't take too long as the real estate authorities in Dubai are relatively efficient given the market's booming economy.


Connect with local utilities

Before you settle into your apartment, you'll need to hook up your new place with all relevant utilities. You'll register directly with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) which is a fairly straightforward and quick process. This ensures your basic utilities are functional and accounted for in the future. You should also take the time to set up an internet or telephone provider to further improve the connectivity of your apartment. Altogether, you shouldn't have to spend more than a week on this phase.


Move-in into your new place!

Congratulations! It's move-in day. You're finally ready to move into your new home. You found the perfect rental in Dubai for your needs. You'll want to check with the building to figure out rules surrounding move-in times, parking rules, and other relevant information. Check with your broker to make sure there aren't any public holidays you'll have to avoid when moving. They can also help you find a reputable and affordable moving company that can move all your stuff smoothly, quickly, and efficiently whether you're moving from abroad, within the UAE, or just down the road.

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